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From Colombia to New York City to Right Here in San Diego…

John Varon has Embraced Every Opportunity Along Life’s Journey

Despite being a busy real estate professional, John Varon makes a point to be the one who drives his kids to school every morning. You see, John is not just their transportation, but he also strives to be their inspiration. He turns off the radio and considers that daily drive an opportunity to talk to his kids, listen to how they’re doing, and share stories from his own life in an effort to help them seize the opportunities before them. And my what stories John has…

From Humble Beginnings

John always dreamed of becoming a pilot. True to form, he achieved that dream and loves flying locally.

Born in Colombia, young Juan was the type of kid always in search of bettering himself in any way possible. At 13, he landed his first job at a grocery store and impressed the owners with his strong work ethic. One day on his way home from work, he was handed a flier for an exchange program that would send kids to the United States. He immediately began not only filling out that application, but also preparing for his trip. He simply knew this was his calling.

To everyone’s surprise but his own, he was selected for the trip and eventually landed in New York City. Deep down, despite having lived a comfortable life in Colombia, John recognized the vast opportunity the U.S. offered. While he was here, he got a job at a knitting factory in New Jersey. Just like at the grocery store back home, he wowed his supervisors with his dedication and work ethic, and before long, John was the “right-hand-man” to the company’s owners.

Seize the Opportunity

The strong bonds John formed with those owners extended beyond the workplace. Knowing he faced deportation if he didn’t earn his naturalization papers, John worked his tail off and eventually, the owners of the company sponsored him for a work visa that allowed him to stay in the United States for good.

John’s clients know he will never give up in pursuit of their real estate goals.

Although this all took place many years ago, to know John today is to know that same ambitious man who brings a positive outlook to everything he does and who is never content to rest on his laurels. After moving to San Diego in 1995, he served as an accountant at several large firms before opening a successful Mexican restaurant in Rancho Penasquitos. He eventually sold the restaurant, began investing in real estate and was living the American Dream. This led naturally to his long-running career as the owner of Avaron Realty.

Making Real Estate Dreams Come True

Everything mentioned above contributes to John being such an outstanding resource when it comes to buying or selling a San Diego home or investment property. He loves helping people and strives to provide his clients with all the information necessary to make the best decisions. He’s also very patient and devoted to his clients, and in turn, they love the treatment they receive when working with John. “In everything I do, I’ve always believed that you give your absolute best and that’s all you can really do,” John says. “I want what’s best for my clients and I’m willing to work hard to help achieve their goals and dreams.”

If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home, don’t settle for any ordinary real estate agent. Instead, turn to a man whose extraordinary life story is a reflection of the ambition, drive and determination he displays to help his clients achieve their own piece of the American Dream. That’s John “Juan” Varon. Call him today to schedule a private consultation.